Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Art of over rated movie watching : Part 2

Case in Point: The last Oscar Winning King of Scotland

Wonderful. Spine-chilling. Powerful. Brilliant.

A myriad of such brilliant adjectives attached to Forest Whitaker's admittedly good performance as Idi Amin cant lift this absolutely tortuous bore-fest from the dumps. If Marlon Brando played Don Vito in a Paris Hilton movie, would you sit through it?

Add to the mix an amazingly wooden Scottish doctor, who displays exactly 2 emotions throughout the film, and makes Rupert Grint (Ron from the Potter movies) look like an amazingly versatile actor. Did I hear you say "Blaaady 'Ell 'Aaaary!!!!"?

A distinct sense of Deja Vu struck me from the first frame in this film, and it's because after Hotel Rwanda, Black Hawk Down, City of God etc..there's only so much different about viewing a story set in Africa. (Atleast when they hump LA over and over again, they use different disasters - earthquakes, overgrown lizards, Meteors, Ben Affleck etc.)

Taking nothing away from Blood Diamond, which was absolutely fantastic. Coming back to LKOS, said Scottish doctor goes to Uganda in a bus, and indulges in exchange of bodily fluids with a native, who turns out to be Idi Amin's wife, and so we know that basically , he is f**ked (no pun intended).

He travels into the heart of Uganda, and witnesses Whitaker deliver a supremely uplifting speech - where he says "UGGAAANDAA MUMBBBAAYEEE!!!" over and over, and sends the natives into a ecstatic frenzy. Whitaker is impressed by the Scottish doctor's lack of acting abilities, and offers to induct him into his inner circle of failed actors. AND HE DOES.

And then, you get the sudden impression that you are watching a NGC documentary, only this one doesnt seem to be ending, and you cant change the channel. This, as the reviews indicate, is a supremely powerful and poignant style of filmmaking, which my puny mind is unable to grasp. Anyway, Forest Whitaker does some unspeakably atrocious acts, and Scotty Boy decides that he's had enough , and tries to run out of the movie studio - he runs, and doesnt get caught, then he runs again, and gets caught, but a native doctor sacrifices himself to save Scotty, and so he runs again, and the movie ends. Just before the credits, you can see the slightest hint of relief flash across the Scot's face. "Blaaady 'Elll 'Mate , this movie is over already". Well atleast we all know why Scotty Boy was relieved at the end.

If you watch the movie, and like it - that's great. For me personally, this has to be the one film I took the most sittings to complete watching. I used to watch it in 10 minute installments. No kidding. UGGAAANDAA MUMBBBAAYEEE!!!